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Twitter could soon allow users to receive Bitcoin, Ethereum through its Tip Jar feature

Twitter will soon allow its users to add Bitcoin and Ethereum to their profiles to receive advice on cryptocurrencies. App developer Alessandro Paluzzi backed up the claim with a tweet, confirming that the social media giant is working to allow users to add “Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to their profile to receive suggestions via the Tip Jar feature.”
In January this year, Facebook banned all ads on its platform promoting the cryptocurrency.If Paluzzi is to be believed, Twitter will update its Tip Jar feature that was announced in May of this year.

He also posted a screenshot showing how users will be notified when they can receive cryptocurrency tips through the microblogging site. If Paluzzi is to be believed, Twitter will update its Tip Jar feature that was announced in may this year.
Twitter’s Tip Jar feature is said to allow creators, nonprofits, and journalists to monetize their tweets with tips. The microblogging site allowed users to share links to their Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, Paypal, and Venmo accounts to receive advice from their followers during the initial phase of this feature. Now, the company seems to be gradually moving towards adding cryptocurrencies as the new payment option.
Twitter could make use of Strike’s services to generate Bitcoin invoices through the Lightning Network, according to reports. However, Paluzzi disagrees, saying that it was not necessary to link a Strike account to add Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to user profiles.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been seen discussing and taking an interest in cryptocurrencies for some time. According to him, Bitcoin would “unite a deeply divided country,” he reports. Looking for Alpha.
During Twitter’s earnings call in July, Dorsey called it a “big part” of the future of Twitter. “I think there is a lot of innovation on top of the coin, especially when we think about decentralizing social media more and providing more economic incentives,” he said, emphasizing that Bitcoin can become an integral part of Twitter.
A report from MacRumors suggests that the Bitcoin tip has received the go-ahead for the iOS beta code. However, iOS beta testers cannot access the feature at this time.

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