Twitter opens tips for everyone and accepts bitcoin

Twitter announces a series of changes and news that will reach the platform as its tipping system, which from today will be available to users around the world.

This option was enabled for a while, but only in the United States. Now, people around the world will be able to join the system from the iOS application, while on Android it will be added “soon”, according to the social network.

An important detail of tips is that in addition to traditional credit card payments, Twitter will start accepting bitcoin through the Strike platform. With this, the company wants to offer more flexibility for money movements, both for those who pay and for content creators.

It seems that content creators are precisely an important focus for Twitter and several of the news point in that direction. The Super Follows are expanding little by little in the United States and Canada, while the Spaces will have a support program in which they will offer technical, financial and support assistance. marketing to the creators.

In addition to the above, Spaces will also change the way content is consumed. Currently, audio conversations can only be heard in real time, but the option to record and listen to them will be added in the future.

Safer interactions

Recently, Twitter has implemented several improvements in pursuit of user safety, and these seem to have paid off: according to the data provided, reports of abuse have been reduced by 40 percent since the function was added. to limit who can reply to a tweet.

In the future, other measures aimed at security will allow users to remove themselves from conversations they do not want to be a part of. You can also identify the type of accounts with which you interact to know if they are people or automated profiles.

And in relation to the communities that were announced recently, a feature that the platform already develops will allow users to know what the environment is within them before joining.

The goal of Twitter on a large scale is to be more attractive to everyone, whether they are users or content creators. As always happens, time will tell if the new features are effective or if they end up disappearing like the Fleets.

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