Twitter Tweets Elon Musk Remove Associated Corona-Virus


SAN FRANCISCO, Twitter to remove tweets Elon Musk, who said, children are generally immune to COVID-19. Musk sent out a tweet on Thursday afternoon in response to questions from users.

“The kids are basically immune, but the parents with the condition that it is susceptible. Family meeting with the close contact between children and grandparents, perhaps the most in danger,” said Musk.

Twitter announced earlier this week, connected with Facebook and other companies against the information in respect of the in relation to the pandemic, the developing. While the experts agree, will be the parent of a pre-existing condition high-risk.

The first clause of tweets musk seems to be in contradiction with the new guidelines, Twitter about how you plan to moderate the content of the corona-virus. In a blog published this week, Twitter said, the refinement of the definition of the risks of dealing with content that is in direct conflict with the guidelines, the sources of authority for the health of the information society, the global and the local.

Younger people, on average, less affected by the COVID-19. However, there are initial indications that the virus is still significant health problems in some children, especially small children.

Nevertheless, according to Twitter, is not enough to be a tweet, musk, in the territory of the incorrect information. “In the review of the overall context and the conclusions of tweets, it’s not against our rules. We will continue to consult with partners such as health authorities, to identify content that is most dangerous,” said Twitter was quoted The Threshold, Friday (20/3/2020).

Musk has repeatedly underestimate pandemic virus corona in March 2020. Musk never panic, said before the virut that was stupid.

The chief of SpaceX and Tesla, it also compares the death of COVID-19 in a car accident, which is not distributed in a viral and non-infectious, in the e-mail to the employee at SpaceX. He continued this trend even after the offer to make that is required of the fan.

Editor : Early Angela