Two Braids and a Floss-Style Bikini, That’s How Sexy Kim Kardashian Posed in the Sun

It seems that being single has done Kim Kardahsian very well.

Kim forgets Kanye West with his bikinazos while enjoying a delicious bath of light

Kim Kardashian has resumed her passion for bikinis now that she is a single woman. The most controversial of the Kardashian clan raised the temperature of her social networks, appearing in them with a floss-style bikini. Khloé Kardashian has reacted to this publication and simply said: “Ok Keeks !!!!!! Hottie !!!!! In the zone”.

This bikini with braids left Kim with more than four million likes.

Another sexy bikini from Kim on Instagram was the one that he uploaded on February 7, when he visited an olive green piece, for which his fans gave him more than five million likes.

And it seems that green is the color that gives the most likes to the celebrity. Since the small garment with which he enjoyed an afternoon in the jacuzzi caused him to exceed five million 600 thousand likes by his loyal followers.