Two brothers film, plot, actors, cast, ending, where it is shot, location

Two puppies separated by the men who hunt them, will meet again as adults.

Tv2000 proposes the film entitled Two brothers. It is a drama genre product with an adventure atmosphere.

The production is of France. The year of realization is 2004 and the duration is one hour and 49 minutes.

Two brothers film actors

Two brothers film – direction, protagonists, where it is shot

Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Main protagonists are Alain And Nicole interpreted respectively by Didier Sandre And Julie Jézéquel. Also in the cast Jean-Michel Dupuis in the role of Jean-Paul.

Filming took place in Germanyespecially a Monk and neighboring areas in the territory of the Bavaria.

The production is of France 2 (FR2) in collaboration with Lark Productions And Société Française de Production (SFP).

The series is internationally known under the title Deux frères.

Two brothers film where it is filmed

Two brothers – plot of the film broadcast on Tv2000

In the years Winds in Indochinain the forests of Cambodia northern, two young tiger brothers are born far from civilization, in the ruins of a Khmer temple of past splendour.

As they grow up peacefully in their natural environment, the two tiger cubs see their destiny changed by the will of men, hunters and looters who have come to look for some of the statues of the temples of Angkor. The two captured brothers are separated and sold, one, called Sanghato a local prince and the other, called Kumalat a circus.

Final spoiler

A year later, they meet again in the deadly arena, during a fight between the two now grown felines. But during this bloody battle, they recognize each other and manage to flee together to their homeland.

Two brothers final film

Two Brothers: The Complete Cast

Below is the cast of the film Two brothers and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Didier Sandre: Alain
  • Julie Jézéquel: Nicole
  • Jean-Michel Dupuis: Jean-Paul
  • Éva Darlan: Muriel
  • Stanislas Forlani: Martin
  • Romain Deroo: Bruno
  • Anne Canovas: Claudia
  • Michele Simonnet: Doctor Sarah Guenaud
  • Marine Danaux: Fanny
  • Frank Amiack: The intern
  • Thierry Bourcy: The delivery doctor
  • Antoine Coesens: The Brigadier
  • Marion Courcoux: Europe Air employee
  • Christina Crevillen: Mrs. Geoffroy
  • Sophie Dolce: Isabelle’s friend
  • Sylvie Genty: The nurse
  • Lucie Jeanne: Isabelle Coutier
  • Laurence Ritter: The landlady of the DDASS
  • Fabienne Tricottet: The midwife

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