Two cows are killed by arrows at the Agricultural Institute of Rome. They are the latest victims of a summer of animal abuse.

One was killed by arrows and stabbed to death on the spot, the other was seriously wounded and would have to be killed today. These are the dramatic consequences of what happened on the night of September 17 at the Agricultural Technical Institute of Emilio Sereni in Rome. The perpetrators are still unknown, but according to the school’s director, Patrizia Marini, these are predatory crimes.

Cows killed at the Agricultural Institute of Rome

This news was distributed through ANSA this morning, September 18, by the director, shocked by the incident: “We are located in an area bordering Tor Bella Monaca, where we carry out many legal projects and strive to give children the opportunity to work. But these are very serious episodes that put our backs against the wall.” The police intervened immediately, and for the second time they had to deal with an emergency at the school: already in the spring, four pigs had their throats cut, causing damage amounting to more than 10 thousand euros.

In this case, the cows were one Limousin and one Marchigiana breed, raised according to organic criteria and used to illustrate the principles of animal husbandry to students, costing approximately 4-5 thousand euros per head. Predatory crimes, we said, or those aimed at causing damage to someone else’s property using force and cunning, in which there is careful premeditation (robbery, so to speak, is considered a predatory crime).

Crimes in agriculture: first pigs, now cows

In other cases, proceeds from institute machines were stolen,”in others there was wine, once they tried to take away the tractor” There is night surveillance, but the caretaker did not notice anything about the animals – first pigs, then cows, so the director continues to demand a video surveillance system, which, however, is very expensive. There was a real massacre last night.”there was blood everywhere, we found one cow already slaughtered on the spot, only their entrails remained. Another had a steel arrow stuck in her lung, this is very serious.” And there is no hope for her. The solidarity of Lollobrigida arrived immediately.”Unfortunately, this is not the first time such episodes have been exacerbated by animal cruelty. We will do everything to stop these criminals” And support the institute that”it represents an investment for our country, a training model and a guarantee of legitimacy.

Summer of Animal Violence

A tragic summer for animals that is about to end. This is not the first time such crimes have occurred, starting with the murder of the Amarena bear, the most discussed in recent months, but not the only one. In August, in Anagni, Frosinone province, an 18th birthday party ended in tragedy when a goat, just a few months old, was killed after being kicked by boys during a birthday celebration on a farm. mobile phone camera and then shared in chat rooms. This is what lawlessness is in the age of social networks, crime 4.0, committed and then celebrated in WhatsApp groups, as happened with the gang rape in Palermo. Also at the end of August it was the turn of the hedgehog, used as a football and killed by a group of children in Bolzano, and the dog Max from Crispiano, province of Taranto, whose only fault was the desire to join the children playing: he could not resist the ball, and ended up he was attacked, kicked, punched and even stabbed in the side.

It’s been the summer of hunting for the most absurd receipt about Margot Robbie and her Birkenstocks, or at least that’s how we’d like it to be remembered. But the truth is that it was, above all, a summer of violence against women, against animals, a summer of pain pornography, online distribution of crimes committed by minors: children, like others who receive an education and have a family behind them, children, who are more or less unaware, not sick, not limited, just “worthy children of patriarchy“as an association Not one less – he recalled during the procession in Palermo. Children, teenagers, children who used gang violence to harm, rape and sometimes kill those who could not defend themselves. A pig, a hedgehog, a nineteen-year-old girl in Rome, Bolzano, Palermo… victims scattered throughout the country, different faces of the same violence. Never before has there been a time to understand and accept the connections between animal and human cruelty, between speciesism and sexism, between the exploitation of animals, the environment or people. Each story is unique, but the nature of the violence, the essence of the abuse, is the same for everyone.

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