Two exestrellas film for adults, are now influencers


Controversial and media. Sasha Grey and Mia Khalifa they are two of the actresses of adult cinema’s most well-known of the last years, despite the fact that they are already retired from the industry. Now, they use their fame to develop in other professions, including those of influencers.

Mia Khalifa he was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and immigrated to the united States in 2000. Fourteen years after it started in the adult film and its popularity grew so impressive, so much so that the renowned website Pornhub put it as the actress’s most searched in 2014.

Their actions caused controversy in the Middle East, especially by a video in which she wore a hijab. After a series of death threats and insults on their social networks, decided to close down their accounts of Facebook and Instagram, and left the industry, although it has had brief comebacks.

In the last few years has taken advantage of their fanaticism for sports, especially hockey, basketball and football, and has come to lead sports programs online.

But your facet most striking has been the influencer. With photographs sensual and suggestive, has sponsored billboards for fast food restaurants and hamburgers.

He has also visited clinics services and products of beauty, of which he has published in social networks, especially Instagram.

In the case of Sasha Greyafter renouncing the film industry for adults, had the opportunity of starring in the film “The Girlfriend Experience” from Steven Soderbergh.

Has two books: “Neü Sex” (2011), photography, and the erotic novel “The Juliette Society”. He has also traveled the world with his musical project as a DJ.

The facet of influencer, has focused more on social issues, in which it emphasizes the towel “Love”, in which appears his face.

The proceeds of the sale of this product is intended for the organization Planned Parenthood, which, according to its manifesto, has more than 100 years of being one of the leaders in EE. UU. as providers and educators of sexual and reproductive health.

His interest in the culture of the world is also reflected in their social networks, and Guatemala has been a part of this. A month ago, Sasha posted some photos of La Antigua Guatemala, which you captured during your visit in 2016, when presented in concert.