Two films before the closure of the restoration work of the Cassina de Pecchi theater

The municipal building will be reconstructed and also converted into a cinema hall. It will remain unusable for three months. Before the intervention, a “tasting” of what it would become was organized.

I will close for work soon Maly Theater Martezani From Cassina de Pecchi. And before the curtain was lowered for at least three months, the Department of Culture organized two test screenings of what was coming next: a screening of films.

Theater transformation

The Cultural Hall on Via Trieste is preparing to officially become the Teatro Piccolo Cinema della Martesana and not just a theater. The cost of the work is about 300 thousand euros.A: For the first tranche, a special projection machine and a screen were purchased, which can be lowered and raised according to circumstances.

Instead of the second lot, a stage will be arranged (which will be raised) and the inclination of the seats will be increased. In addition, an audio system suitable for a cinema will be installed.

Completion of work before the end of the year

The construction site will open in September, and by the end of the year the municipal building should return completely transformed.. So Cultural Advisor Lucia Marino:

At the end, there must be permission from the National Film Association to participate in the program and host premiere films. Thus, we will be able to organize theater reviews, shows, conferences, as well as film screenings, complementing the offer of our system.

Two films are planned.

Before the start of work, two films will be shown, which will allow us to assess the potential of the new projector (however, there is no adequate audio system yet). It will start Sunday, August 27, 2023 at 4:00 pm, “An Officer and a Gentleman” famous movie from 1982 Richard Gere. THATSeptember 3 will be the turn of “My eyes”“Always at 16” – 2019 film, director Simon Curtis with the main characters Milo Ventimiglia AND Amanda Seyfried.

The entrance is free.

Dedication to Monica Vitti

Meanwhile, in June, the Piccolo Theater was named after the famous actress. Monica Vitti, based on the results of a survey organized by the Administration among citizens. Other options were Mariangela Melato, Anna Magnani, Franca Valeri, Virna Lisi, Eleonora Duse, Lida Borelli and Lucia Bose.

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