“Two Lessons I Learned From My Father”

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to explain what the two most important lessons he learned from his father, wrestler Rocky Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson not new to video and motivational social media posts: The former wrestler-turned-Hollywood star never misses out on a more important presence in people’s lives, and he’s also been making notable donations lately. numbers to support me colleagues are on strike. As it has been for three years, the birthday of the deceased Pope this is reminiscent of the considerations he shared with fans.
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Dwayne Johnson and two lessons he learned from his father

Rocky Johnson (1944-2020) was wrestlers famous father Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonson, who not only followed in his footsteps, but also freed himself from a career, taking up cinematography, recently with Black Adams. IN video on InstagramDuane thought about his old man, with whom he did not succeed reconcile before deathand it was from these positions that he wanted to encourage his followers to follow a couple of lessons that “Rocky” left for them.

A few days ago it was my father’s birthday. (…) You know, I had with my old very tender and complicated relationshiplike many of you. Many fathers of that era had to go through very difficult times, and when you raise a son, they collide. two testosterones. You think you know everything, but At your age, you don’t know shit.. (…) Many have asked me what my father taught me. (…) Two things. Respect is given to you when you deserve it., so go and earn money, in fact, he told me: “Pick up your ass and go earn money.” And he made sure that I went to the gym from the age of five, always laid me on the mat. (…) This lesson can be applied to any sector. (…) Later I realized that if you happen to be successful in what you do, that’s when you need to earn respect. You must prove that you are hungrier than the hungriestbecause there will always be someone behind you ready to take your place. (…) You never finish. (…)
There is another lesson that he inadvertently taught me. If you have problems with someone close to youyour father, your mother, husband, boy or girl, your friends… don’t let it roam. Look after her. You may be angry for a day or two, but then you have to deal with it. I had a fight with my dad like never before a few years ago at Christmas. we never spoke again. I thought about him every day, but I was at odds with myself. I kept telling myself, “I have to call him, I have to call him.” AND he died suddenly. I missed this opportunity. Now I have to live with it, take it every day, think about it every day.

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