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Two New South Park Movies Announced For This Year

It comes as no surprise to anyone that South Park continue to have new installments in 2021 after premiering on Comedy Central in 1997. South Park is here to stay, as recently demonstrated with the renewal of the series through season 30, which runs through 2027, and with the 14 new films to be produced. We now know that at least two of these movies will arrive before the year is out.

The films will be produced for the Paramount + streaming service. At the recent Television Critics Association panel, ViacomCBS Streaming’s programming director Tanya Gile confirmed that the first two films of the 14 will be released before the end of 2021. Two more films from South Park every year before 2027.

We still don’t know anything about the plots or themes of these movies, but after ‘The Pandemic Special’ and ‘The South ParQ Vaccine Special’ these movies are likely to take a different approach.

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In other South Park news, it was revealed last month that the new game of South Park it’s being done by an internal studio, with Ubisoft’s apparent absence.

Jason Schreier (Bloomberg), published a newsletter in which he stated that: “the game is being developed by an internal studio. The two previous games, both well received, were published by Ubisoft Entertainment SA, which did not respond to a request for comment.“In addition, the game will be in 3D, something new for the series.

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