Two people die from pneumonia every day in El Salvador

The Ministry of Health reported that 511 people died from pneumonia between January and September 2.

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September 20, 2023 – 15:27

In recent weeks, doctors and health experts have warned of an influx of patients suffering from respiratory illnesses, including Covid-19 and pneumonia.

The authorities confirmed through epidemiological bulletins that as of September 2 this year, at least 551 people had died due to pneumonia-related health complications. On average, someone dies from pneumonia every 12 hours, according to official figures. The latest report provided by the Ministry of Health shows that as of mid-August, 440 people have died.

Doctors warn of rise in pneumonia, fragile respiratory illnesses in children
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According to the health network’s 35th week epidemiological report, authorities have admitted 15,442 pneumonia patients.

The total number of discharged patients is around 10,500, with 60% of patients under 5 years of age having recovered from the disease, followed by 22% of patients over 60 years of age.

Records show the hospital mortality rate remains at 5% this year.

According to Salud, 71% of deaths so far have occurred in adults over the age of 60.

Information provided by authorities suggests that the progression of the disease is within the safe zone of endemic corridors.

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