Two sharks were filmed mating in Costa Rica

A camera managed to record the exact moment when two sharks they mated in Costa Rica. Although it may seem common, the truth is that capturing the precise moment in which it happens is not an easy task. It was a computer programmer who was in charge of immortalizing the painting in the middle of the ocean. Thanks to him we can ensure that love is also in the sea.

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Masayuki Agawa is 46 years old. The man I was diving off the coast of the Coco Islands when something caught his eye. They were two whitetip reef sharks mating right under his nose. This species is usually about 5 feet long, that is, more than one and a half meters. The common thing would be to panic when seeing this type of animal. However, he did not hesitate.

The diver took out his camera and started recording everything. The clip was made 110 meters below sea level. In this way, Agawa became one of the first fans to be able to witness an event of this style. Nor does he fall into astonishment at having witnessed a shark mating.

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The friendship of a diver and a white shark that has been going on for 10 years

Masayuki Agawa’s viral story is not the only one that became popular on social media. Is that in Australia, a deep friendship arose at sea. It all started when a diver tried to caress an animal of the species. To the surprise of many, he managed to establish an intimate bond, which started a friendly bond that has been going on for 10 years. Is about Rick Anderson, a professional who has more than 20 years of experience swimming in the ocean.

Rick has spectacular abilities to interact with marine animals. Video: Instagram Rick Anderson

After gaining his trust, every time the young man entered the sea, Ruby would approach to receive affection. Thus, they consolidated a friendship of more than one decade. “He swam towards me, played between my legs and waited for the moment when he extended his arms to receive a hug,” explained the diver. Your colleagues can’t believe it. “I don’t feed her or any of the other sharks I play with. I treat them with respect and love, just like I would a dog, “he confessed.

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