Two vaccination tents to be installed in the center of the capital this week – Agenfor

From Friday, August 25th to Sunday, September 3rd, the COVID-19 booster vaccine will be administered, along with influenza, hepatitis B and pneumococcal vaccines.

Residents throughout the capital will have access to two vaccination tents, which will be located in Plaza San Martin (Avenida 25 de Mayo and Calle Fontana) and from 4 p.m. to 7 o’clock in the pedestrian streets (Avenida 25 de Mayo and Rivadavia)

On these two points, the Government of Formosa, through the Ministry of Human Development, has been working to intensify the different vaccination strategies implemented throughout the territory, which will intensify the application of COVID-19 vaccine doses. Also added flu, pneumococcal and hepatitis B supplies.

Regarding the campaign, the Provincial Health Department’s Immunization Division explained that “in light of the significant increase in registered COVID-19 cases in the province, as well as the situation in other parts of the country, we encourage people to catch up with the recommended reinforcements.”

In this regard, they commented that while “booster doses are available in vaccination centers in hospitals and health centers throughout the province, the Ministry of Human Development provided these vaccination tents to make it easier for neighbors to approach San Martin Square” and the pedestrian promenade, to obtain the necessary reinforcements for proper protection”.

“The tents will be up by the end of next week, so we’re waiting for everyone, from children to the elderly, people of all ages to come and receive COVID-19 reinforcements, and at the same time, those who need it can take advantage of and apply the flu vaccine (2023 doses), pneumococcal and hepatitis B vaccines,” they said.

The Importance of Applying COVID-19 Enhanced Measures

In order to maintain adequate protection against complications, hospitalization and death from this disease, a booster vaccine of the different COVID-19 vaccines valid, authorized and available in Argentina must be used.

In this regard, the Department of Human Development insists that the health and well-being of persons 50 years of age or older, as well as persons under 50 years of age with diagnosed comorbidities, immunocompromised patients of any age, pregnant women, staff and be considered strategic Personnel “receive reinforcements every six months, so all these groups must be vaccinated twice a year”.

Likewise, they reiterated that those under 50 years of age with no diagnosed comorbidities “should be vaccinated annually, i.e. with annual booster doses”.

girl and boy

They expand on the above, “In the population under 50 years of age, girls and boys aged 6 months are included as they can receive the appropriate dose of COVID-19 vaccine from that time forward and continue to receive the recommended vaccines Vaccination Program”.

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