Two vehicles, one on fire, and search, progress of prosecutor’s office in case of missing youth in Lagos de Moreno

this Indications That Jalisco State Attorney’s Office has been Search for 5 young people missing in Lagos de Moreno yes location two cars belong to them and searchso far there are no further details about his whereabouts.

At a news conference, Jalisco State Attorney Luis Joaquin Mendez Ruiz presented the progress of the Missing Persons Prosecutor’s Office’s investigation into the missing persons. Diego Alberto Lara Santoyo, Roberto Cuellar, Uriel Galvan, Jaime Miranda and Dante Hernandezreported missing since Saturday, August 12.

In making progress, prosecutors confirmed that they had located the first car belonging to one of the youths the day after his disappearance complaint and had lodged a corresponding opinion on it.

Subsequently, in the early hours of August 15, the District Attorney’s Office moreno l. A report was received of a vehicle on fire on the Encarnacion Dias-Lagos de Moreno Highway with the same characteristics as another vehicle belonging to another victim.

in this second car cremated remains foundthey are already working to identify and compare with relatives of the five missing young people.

missing car
The car recovered by the prosecutor’s office. Photo: FGE

Jalisco State Attorney’s Office: 5 missing young people in Mirador de San Miguel

according to Jalisco State Attorney’s OfficeDiego Alberto Lara Santoyo, Roberto Cuéllar, Uriel Galván, Jaime Miranda (Jaime Miranda) with Dante Hernández san miguel viewpoint Friday, August 11.

There, they found signs of blood, belts and other items, which they are also investigating.

in addition, search They conducted this investigation on 14 August at the location where evidence related to his disappearance could be found; there they found a motorcycle, the number plates of a stolen car, mobile phones and drugs.

Missing financial indicators for Jalisco
Signs found by the prosecutor’s office. Photo: FGE

They investigate the alleged video and photos of five missing youths

The Jalisco State Attorney’s Office stated that the video and photos Last night, the news began to circulate on social networks, with the alleged appearance of 5 young people who were allegedly beaten, and they are already investigating to confirm its authenticity.

But missing persons prosecutor Blanca Trujillo said it was initially believed that Diego Alberto, Roberto Cuellar, Uriel Galvain, Jaime Miranda and Dante Hernandez’s family believes that the young man in the photo is likely to be a relative of theirs.

Another piece of information that has come to light from the agency is that they will be asking to attract investigative folders to find out what happened moreno l. To the Attorney-General of the Republic (forest growth rate) because the evidence they possess “presumes organized crime within federal jurisdiction.”

Five young people are missing in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco state.
The five young men went missing in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco state.

Search Committee issues, 4 days later, search form

This Tuesday, August 15th, 4 days from now Lagos de Moreno youth missingthe search committee issued the missing cards.

Until yesterday, the agency had only released the IDs of three people: Diego Alberto, Roberto Cuéllar, Jaime Miranda; Dante The records of Cedillo Hernandez and Uriel Galvan Gonzalez were published this morning.

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