Tyra Banks Never Washed The Swimsuit She Was Embarrassed A Decade Ago


The model and television personality put the piece in a closet, with sunscreen and sand.

The supermodel turned into a television personality, Tyra Banks has never washed the “infamous” one-piece swimsuit he was ashamed to wear over a decade ago.

Beauty faced harsh criticism for her most complete figure in 2007 when she was caught on the beach in a brown and strapless swimsuit, which according to her detractors did not favor her.

Tyra refused to endure the sensationalist shame and put the same piece in an episode of his now-gone daytime series The Tyra Banks Show, during which his detractors went wild.

“To all of you who have something unpleasant to tell me or women like me … I have one thing to say: Kiss me fat!” She declared defiant.

Tyra has kept the swimsuit in her fashion cabinets but confesses that she never really cleaned the item.

“Oh my God, it’s totally in a closet. Oh my God, it’s like that, ”he told the American Watch What Happens Live program. “And it still has like, sunscreen and sand in it. I did not wash it. I say to myself: ‘It will remain stinky (dirty) and real …’ I have a good closet. ‘