U.S. exceeds one million positive cases covid-19


The american nation is the country most affected by the coronavirus both in terms of confirmed cases, as of deaths.

The US has surpassed the million positive for coronavirus, reports the channel NBC.

The infected have reached the figure of 1.000.037 at 17:30 GMT, according to the chain. According to their data, the departed amount to 57.071 people.

Meanwhile, the data of the Johns Hopkins University show that the covid-19 has left 56.749 deaths in the U.S. and more than 994.000 infected, while at least 112.315 people have been recovered since the start of the outbreak.

New York, the state most affected

The state of New York continues to be the most affected by the pandemic covid-19. According to the Johns Hopkins University, has to date recorded in this territory 17.515 deaths.

Governor of New York: