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Ubisoft Pulls Might & Magic X: Legacy From Sale Due To Its Multiple Issues

Ubisoft has decided to remove Might & Magic X: Legacy from the Steam catalog in light of the ongoing technical issues that plague the game.

As a reminder, on June 1, the company stopped servicing the servers of a number of old games, and this entailed unforeseen consequences. So, among other things, the role-playing game Might & Magic X: Legacy remained without online functions, which became impossible to complete since all copies of the game are now considered “illegal”. The fact is that to protect against piracy, the game uses DRM protection, to bypass which you need to go through online verification. Due to the fact that it is no longer possible to do this (the servers were turned off), players have access only to the first act of the story, and they cannot get access to the plot add-on The Falcon & The Unicorn at all.

Well, Ubisoft had to put Might & Magic X: Legacy to sleep like a sick dog.

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