Udo Bolivar’s 17th Internal Medicine Postgraduate Conference Successfully Held

Community-acquired pneumonia, lupus, ischemic stroke (commonly known as stroke), heart failure, and other topics of interest are discussed at these internal medicine graduate medical science sessions at UDO Bolívar

(UDO Bolivar Press).- Under the wonderful speeches of excellent health lecturers, the 17th Eastern University Internal Medicine Graduate Conference Núcleo Bolívar was successfully held

The event set-up was overseen by Internal Medicine Graduate Coordinator Dr Tarik Saab Saab who highlighted the participation of graduates, students and specialists in this annual event to share medical science knowledge and tools.

The meetings, held to honor graduate physicians, will restart from 2022 after being suspended for two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, he said. The aim of such events is for graduates to contribute their experience and for undergraduate and postgraduate students to benefit from the knowledge of the speakers.

Sabo explained that the broad topics of these sessions are based on daily medical consultations and cases occurring in hospital emergencies, such as heart failure, ischemic stroke (ACV), pneumonia, lupus and more.

Heart failure, stroke, and acquired pneumonia

Drs Rosa Martínez and Dixon Castro treat everything related to “heart failure”, one with reduced ejection fraction and the other with ejection Scores are reserved, providing the necessary knowledge about related cases of heart problems. Meanwhile, Dr. Alida Navas gave a presentation on the basis of ischemic stroke (better known as ACV) based on the case, etiology, clinical investigation and treatment.

Dr. Yeliuska Bello’s presentation, “New Guidelines for the Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia,” highlighted the importance of understanding how to diagnose and treat the disease, which is considered “the leading cause of death from infectious causes worldwide.”

He pointed out the importance of managing risk factors, namely the patient’s clinical history to identify community-acquired pneumonia, atypical pathogens, in order to guide the treatment of patients. He advised people to see their doctor when they had flu symptoms to determine if it was community-acquired pneumonia or just the flu, rather than self-medicate.

Based on his experience at the Ruiz y Páez Hospital, he said that there are still cases of patients with Covid 19 pneumonia and that it is necessary for the community to take preventive measures with vaccines.

Fabiola Macaiba, Erika Garcia, Maria Quintero from Farma, Eglys Gil from Megalabs Venezuela, Denice Martinez; besides Meyer from Grupo Segfrid, Oftalmi, Zuuleyka Pugas from Dolldery Specialties and other drug distribution companies, these days also set up several booth.

The meeting culminated with a presentation of graduate research projects and a discussion of clinical cases from last year’s internal medicine residency. (CM CNP 9.261/Photo Yafi)

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