UFC’s Bobby Green says he beat LeBron in a fight despite size difference


UFC’s Bobby Green

I’d wax LeBron’s ass in a fight

…”There can only be one king” 👑

“If LeBron wants to fight me, it’s impossible!”

This is a UFC fighter Bobby Green AKA “The King” Says He Can Wash Brown In a purely hypothetical battle of royal nicknames.

look, TMZ Sports He spoke with the 37-year-old lightweight ahead of his fight against the 29-year-old in the Fight Night main event Grant DawsonRanked 10th at 155 pounds.

Dawson’s nickname is “KGD”…supposedly standing for “King Grant Dawson”

When we asked Greene if he had a message for Grant, he told us… “There can only be one King. I just found out Grant Dawson’s fighting name is KGD. There can only be one King. Let’s go find out.” The other person’s head will be chopped off! “

Alright alright. Obviously, the most famous “King” on Charles’ side of the ball is LeBron…given the longstanding debate about skill vs. ability. Regarding size, we asked BG if he could beat the 6-foot-8 basketball legend.

“It won’t be close!” Bobby said.

We mentioned the size difference…Bobby is 5’10” and weighs 155 lbs (we’re assuming he walks around 185 lbs). According to the Lakers, James is 10 inches tall and weighs 250 pounds. website.

According to Bobby, it doesn’t matter.

“He’s a big shot, but I’m sorry he has no skills. Skills pay the bills, sir.”

But will Green actually fight King James?

“On a dime. In a split second, without even a second thought. Oh my god. I’m going to wax his ass!”

Well, Bobby and LeBron aren’t going to happen, but Bobby and Grant will… We’re just a week away from finding out who actually rules the Octagon.

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