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After Prime Video announced the return of the successful Columbia drama Betty, Rafia, legions of fans took to social networks to find actors who brought some of the most iconic characters to life. Among them was Sandra Patiño, one of the members of the famous “Barracks Ugly,” played by the actress Marcela Posada.

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More than 20 years ago, Marcela became “La Girafa Solterona,” a derogatory nickname used by Patricia Fernández’s character to refer to her. The actress has won the hearts of the audience with her talent and charisma.

The actress went on to work on other TV projects, although she didn’t reach the same level of success as the critically acclaimed series created by Fernando Gaitan.

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Now, with her possible return to the iconic role, Marcella looks like a different face. The actress has made lifestyle changes to improve her appearance, and some cosmetic touch-ups, and she looks gorgeous now.

This Is What Marcela Posada Looks Like Now

The 52-year-old actress has undergone a complete transformation and proudly revealed it on her Instagram account. There she posted a bikini video that showed off her sculpted figure and showed a before and after of her significant weight loss.

The excess weight and cellulite on her body disappeared, replaced by new women who boasted about their transformation on social networks. His followers were amazed and kept asking how he got it.

One of the most impressive videos of her transformation was posted on the Instagram account @rechismes, in which Marcela poses for a photo in a tiny swimsuit.

Marcela also recently revealed to her over 400,000 followers that she’s had some cosmetic surgery.

“May your face say what you feel inside,” he wrote in the publication, showing his transformation and thanking the medical team for giving him the bliss of “seeing how he feels.”

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While he didn’t specify which procedures he had, it’s been speculated that he’s had a facelift, Botox injections, cheekbones, or cheek surgery.

Her dedication and effort to stay in shape never ceases to amaze those who know her through her iconic roles. With an enviable figure and radiant confidence, she proves that the passage of time doesn’t prevent her from looking spectacular. (and)

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