Ugly outfits: Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek and Nicola Peltz

WithYou can never go wrong with a black outfit.. The crowd at the funeral of Silvio Berlusconi proved it. in mourning black, on black, demeanor mostly elegant. But when the label slips sometimes black becomes Salma Hayek Pino in a tagliatelle skirt for a live broadcast, and Nicola Peltz in a see-through jumpsuit over beautifully exposed lingerie for dinner with Brooklyn Beckham (dressed as a Tecnocasa agent in Lugano when he wants to overdo it on Saturday).

On the contrary, here Bianca Jagger in white (she is the queen of white) and Jennifer Lawrence on tour to present girlfriend for rent. Traveling through many beauties until Madrid stops where he made an alternative, hiding behind a fence-dress (a tribute to bullfighting?).

The ultra-luxurious home of Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend Nicola Peltz

The ultra-luxurious home of Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend Nicola Peltz

Ugly outfits of the week: images of Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Hayek and Nicola Peltz

Salma Hayek is a car wash. One day she wakes up proudly showing wrinkles and marks on her pillow, another goes to good morning america dazzling, very tanned, with a Balenciaga bag and stilts as a privileged vantage point. And with the ingenious move of a skirt that ended up in a Michael Kors shredder. Which makes some sense, Salma is indeed the star of the first episode Black Mirror 6, on Netflix and tagliatelle – the best explanation of the plot, parallel universes, our fragmented future-present. See to believe.

Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicola Peltz and Bianca Jagger. (Getty Images/IPA)

Jennifer Lawrence is a picket fence. If this is a women’s empowerment movement – proudly wearing the “apartment is like an ironing board” insult – kudos to her. More interesting about this funny thing you’d expect from a curator visiting the Biennale would be to hear opinions (if she were alive) about Augusta marrying Proietti, Anna Longhi’s character in the episode. Smart rest From Where are you going on vacation? (1978). But with artificial intelligence, you don’t want a beautiful fake video to appear.

Nicola Peltz – hello mother-in-law Victoria. Let others continue to chat with Pope Francis, covered and resigned. She’s in her underwear in the square because she saw Pamela Prati’s videotape. Baggagecan dress like Italian dancers 30 years ago. Let’s face it, the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy have already done three-quarters of the work.

Bianca Jagger – Baby Jane Hudson. She has always loved white (one look above all: an all-white YSL suit when she married Mick in 1971). Today, the veil on the face has moved to the skirt, sneakers have replaced platform sandals. There’s even a cardigan and eyeglass cord. In the environment it is called “face Loredana Berté chic”, the third of the legendary triad – revised and corrected – by Alberto Arbasino.


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