“Ugly” sandals that conquered fashion

NoResist the temptation to win over someone. On the contrary: they built their success on the philosophy of anti-aesthetics. A semi-serious guide to showing off sandals throughout the summer, which, until recently, terrified us.

He says Allison Bornstein, a long list of celebrity style gurus that when you start looking at your crowded closet and complaining about not having anything to wear, it’s time to follow the “wrong shoe theory”. In short, all you have to do is wear a pair of shoes that are aesthetically opposite to your look to make it interesting, new and unexpected. Heels with sweatpants, sneakers with elegant dresses, slippers with tailored suits. Why not try these ugly but very comfortable sandals?

Summer fashion sandals

Yes, you heard it right: those sandals that once terrified are now worn for completely different reasons than walking the dog. They even conquered the catwalks and red carpets. In short, if Miuccia Pradachampion of ugly chic style, this summer managed to make us crave even rock sandals, the rubber “crabs” of our childhood, something must have clicked in our head and tastes.

ugly sandals like Birkenstock
Chiara Ferragni – IPA

How did it happen that an anti-fashion accessory invaded our everyday life? Ugly, but equipped with an orthopedic sole, Franciscan straps, trekking-style Velcro fasteners, modern sandals have been able to make up for it with comfort and insight. Various Birkenstock, Crocs, Scholl, Teva, Suicoke, just to name a few of the most famous brands, have focused on endless materials, colors, options, embellishments and, smart move, luxury collaborations with big names in the fashion world.

They are no longer calledugly shoes” But “dad sandals“sandals like dad’s”mandalas“, an abbreviation for men’s sandals, or again “pillow slippers” or “fluffy sandals”, soft slippers like a pillow, they first of all seduced the elite, because it is well known that it takes a constant A-list of personalities to carry the trend from the catwalk to our wardrobe Embrace. We’re talking about celebrities who like to go against the grain, free spirits who can’t wear heels and stereotypes all the time. There is even a Barbie who, in the film, has to choose between stilettos (a symbol of an ideal world) and an Arizona Birkenstock (an emblem of real life).

Fendi sandals (Courtesy: Fendi)

Ugly chic sandals: celebrity combinations

Watching it-giri in slippers serves as a source of inspiration for us. They are worn not only under sarongs and Bermuda shorts with multiple pockets, but also on more formal occasions without looking like German tourists on holiday. Kendall jenner AND Hailey Bieber they are fans of yoga style clothing and pair sandals with leggings and sweatshirts. Naomi Tue AND Sienna Miller they prefer them under timeless jeans. As for sophisticated outfits, the most successful combination is tucked under a pantsuit: soft and unstructured jackets and trousers or palazzo pajamas.

ugly sandals like Birkenstock
Kendall Jenner pairs sandals with yoga wear (Courtesy: IPA)

Watch and learn from Alexa Chung AND Blake Lively: Their suits with trousers above the ankles, by the way, are a trick to copy if you are not very tall. In addition, the love story of sandals and suits has no age: the famous actress Tracy Ellis Rosswho will blow out 51 candles next October, pairs divinely with his standard uniform, which now consists almost entirely of blazers, trousers and birkenstocks.

ugly sandals like Birkenstock
Katie Holmes – photo by Yip

In general, this type of footwear is inclusive, it does not differ by gender or age. On the other hand, who doesn’t love the combination of comfort and glamour? Other stylish ideas offer Katie Holmesher personal stylist is right Allison Bornsteinin Teva by Chloé and a long pleated skirt made of Taylor Swift in slippers and an ankle-length black dress, from Jennifer Lawrencewho didn’t hesitate to wear rubber slippers under a Dior Couture dress at the last Cannes Film Festival and often wears her daddy’s sandals, sundress and designer bag.

ugly shoes
Jennifer Lawrence in flip flops on the red carpet (Photo: IPA)

Ugly chic sandals: if you want to dare too

It’s all about the unexpected combination of ugly sandals, because the wrong shoe theory seems to work. subject to two basic rules. Make sure you have an enviable pedicure. And accompany dad sandals, trekking sandals, slippers, etc. with a certain amount of irony. Without it, it would be impossible for you to even think about leaving the house, as it happens. Chloe Sevignywas spotted wearing a frufrù dress paired with controversial sandals and white socks.

Keep your feet on the ground, if you really want to dare the dangerous mix, choose at least colored socks like him. Gigi Hadidor lurex. If, on the other hand, you are a daredevil and prefer white sponges, remember to always put a spare pair in your bag: they are easy to get dirty. In order to avoid this problem, Barbie chose to swear allegiance to her caramel pink shoes?

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