Ultimo Challenges Marco Mengoni: Summer Hit Comes With Giuliar

Ready for the ultimate challenging summer hits of the moment? Here comes the catchphrase coined with Geollier: Indiscretion.

Recently it was released on prime video I’m living with hanging dreams, dedicated first docu-film Last And made his debut in the world of music. Real images that reveal some of the background of the revelation singer of recent years. Roman, born and raised in San Basilio, one of the toughest suburbs of the capital, Ultimo is close to performing live at stadiums in Rome and Milan and is facing a tough tour, The dates are all sold out and the announcement to mark the history of Italian music has been made.

according to some rumors Last will be close to releasing a new single. The song, set to become a summer hit for many, was created with Jollier, the successful artist and writer of the album Courage of the children. News expert David Maggio added to reveal the news The video clip of that piece was shot in Naples in recent days. The talent, sound and original sound of two artists are the ingredients of a song Marco Mengoni is destined to have a tough time Together crazy musicWhere he sang a duet with Elodie and which became a hit within a few days.

Hits the last and jolier leader of the new summer

Together dare kids Geolier has won 2 platinum records And is at the first place in the chart position. An unexpected success for an artist considered by insiders a true revelation. Last once again joins a great musical Contemporary.

Ultimo & Jolier: new single (photo Ansa) – Velvetmusic.it

Afterwards duet with Eros Ramazzotti in Ariston, But he’s also set to try his hand at a new collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Antonello Venditti. From Fedez to Mengoni, but Annalisa and Elodie also have to be afraid to come Last: may be his unexpected summer catchphrase!

reduces participation in the last San Remo Festival where he finished fourth In the end, both are having a good time professional and personal. Roman Singer recently revealed corriere della sera Happen in love with my Jacqueline Luna, daughter of Heather Parsee. And that I met him by chance.

,I saw a picture of a jacket he’d designed, which had a guitar-shaped patch, and I texted him: ‘Do you want to be the guitarist on my next tour?’ Will reveal ,We made an appointment… I arrived with a backpack and four beers. We talked all evening, it’s been a long time since I had a normal evening”. He then specified: ,We fell in love without ever kissing each other. It has a naturalness, a radiance, a way of being invisible to most” he will confess, “I wanted to understand what was behind him. So I joined him in America as soon as possible.

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