UNAM issues alert on covid-19 and recommends re-wearing of face masks

MEXICO CITY (apro) – The National Autonomous University of Mexico’s (UNAM) University Program in Epidemiology and Emerging Risk Research (PUIREE) recommends the return of face masks in closed spaces due to the “widespread community-level transmission” of the covid-19 virus in much of Mexico , and continue to take general measures to prevent infection and complications.

In a statement on Monday, PUIREE recommended that “general measures to prevent infection and complications of Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses (flu, respiratory) continue at this time of year and prior to University activities. virus, pneumonia, etc.)”.

He added that the behavior of the virus has changed, especially in the number of cases and the positive rate of diagnostic tests, but indicators of hospitalizations, deaths and virus mutations have remained the same, which is worth highlighting.

The plan emphasizes special consideration for the most vulnerable in the community and recommends the following preventive measures:

People with symptoms of ARD should try to self-isolate and rest for three to five days.

It is recommended not to self-medicate, seek medical treatment or follow-up visits to monitor the progress of the disease and detect complications in time.

If you have symptoms of acute respiratory illness, always wear a mask when living with other people.

Use a face mask when you are with multiple people for more than 30 minutes in enclosed spaces with little or no ventilation.

When one or more cases occur simultaneously in the same work area or academic activity, the sick person is advised to self-isolate for three to five days, ventilation is actively promoted, those working in confined spaces are encouraged to use masks, and if symptoms or covid-19 testing occur If you test positive, please notify the entity or facility’s health officer.

Always ensure good personal hygiene as well as furniture and facilities.

The plan emphasizes that it provides advice and additional information via the following email: covid19@unam.mx.

Mexico had 3,558 active cases of COVID-19 in June, compared to 655 in Mexico City, according to a general infographic about covid-19 shared by the Mexican government on the portal: https:///datos.covid-19. conacyt.mx/#DOView.

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