UNAM mandates use of face masks in certain situations due to COVID-19 changes in Mexico

this National Autonomous University of Mexico (National Autonomous University of Mexico) to remind the Mexican people to pay attention Variety inside Behavior viral Coronavirus disease.

released in a statement Social networkThe National Autonomous University of Mexico has assured that the COVID-19 outbreak in Mexico is “relatively calm and in general good conditions”, but it has issued a series of recommendations to prevent infection and complications from the virus.

It is recommended that people who have symptoms of acute respiratory diseases such as flu, cold, cough, sore throat, and fever should try to self-isolate and recover after three to five days of rest.Additionally, they must use Always wear a mask.

In addition, UNAM states that due to changes brought about by the spread of the virus, masks should be used in the following situations SARS-CoV-2 :

  • Staying with more than one person 30 minutes in an enclosed place with little or no ventilation.
  • Encourage the use of masks by those working in enclosed spaces.
  • in symptoms or Test positive for COVID-19 Notifies the health manager of an entity or dependency.

It is recommended at this time of year and before UNAM events to continue general measures to prevent infection and complications of COVID-19 as well as other respiratory diseases (influenza, RSV, pneumonia, etc.), especially considering The most vulnerable people in the community.

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