Unbeatable on penalties: Agustín Rossi, Boca’s hero in the Argentine Cup final

The goalkeeper became a giant from twelve steps, stopped a shot at Fértoli and was key for Xeneize to be the new champion of the local competition.

Agustin Rossi

Agustín Rossi was once again Boca’s hero, this time nothing more and nothing less than in the final of the Argentine Cup. As it happened in the previous phases, the goalkeeper saved a shot in the penalty shootout and, thanks to its reflections, the Xeneize he was crowned champion in Santiago del Estero and closed the year with a new star on the shield.

The 26-year-old goalkeeper, who until a few months ago was in the shadow of Esteban Andrada and was looking for a way to leave La Ribera to be a protagonist in another club, proved to be a true expert in definitions from the twelve steps. Since you saw the blue and gold diver, They kicked 32 penalties and only scored 20 goals. Numbers that speak for themselves: he contained shots in the round of 16, quarterfinals and also tonight on the decisive date.

Agustin Rossi

With a response to pure reflection and towards a corner, Rossi drowned the conquest of Héctor Fértoli, of workshops, and crowned his own in the Argentine Cup. Previously, had taken plate in the quarterfinals against Patronato, when he covered the shot to Leandro Martín. In the eighths with River he also became a giant and grabbed a crossed bomb from Julián Álvarez.

And there is more of the one that emerged from Chacarita. Months ago, the Millionaire had suffered in the Professional League Cup: that night in mid-May in La Bombonera, No. 1 padlocked his bow in the midst of attempts by Fabrizio Angileri and Leonardo Ponzio. Also, weeks later, his victim was Fabricio Domínguez, in the series with Racing. In the other village of Avellaneda they also suffered it, since At the end of 2020 he took a cross attempt at Andrés Roa with the tips of his gloves.

The penalties saved by Agustín Rossi in Boca

Rossi, unbeatable in Boca: his incredible effectiveness on penalties


Rossi, unbeatable in Boca: his incredible effectiveness on penalties

The joy of Rossi, after being champion with Boca of the Argentine Cup

“We deserved a joy of these, this group deserved to finish the champion year as we started it”, said the goalkeeper after the end of the game. In addition, he dedicated the title to his entire family but placed special emphasis on his father, who passed away just over a year ago. “It is the first title since my father is gone, my fourth title at the club. He could not see me going to train with the National Team, this year I had to stop here, this beautiful gift that life gives us …”, said the archer, excited.

Workshops – Boca Agustín Rossi


Workshops - Boca Agustín Rossi

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