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Uncertainty: Adrin Pallares cast doubt on Camila Cabello’s sentimental present

In “Intruders” they are always pending of all the subjects, not only those related to the national show. Therefore, today they spoke briefly about the sentimental present of Camila Cabello, one of the most recognized artists of the moment, who would be in a relationship crisis with Shawn Mendes. While speaking with Luca Ugarte, the Miami correspondent for the cycle, they made reference to this issue.

It was Adrin Pallares who was in charge of asking the big question, which surprised everyone present: “Did she separate from Shawn Mendes? Because she was seen crying,” said one of the hosts of the program that is broadcast on the American TV screen. Given this, Virginia Gallardo immediately reacted to what her partner said, and flatly denied that the famous Cuban-American singer had ended her relationship with the Canadian.

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