Uncharted 2, sequel starring Tom Holland, gets a promising update from the manufacturer

Uncharted 2 is getting a promising update from the producer, raising hope for a sequel to Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg’s 2022 action adventure.

Based on the popular line of video games, unknown followed the exploits of a world-traveling adventurer Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and his gray-haired mentor Sally (Mark Wahlbergin search of a lost treasure. Fans of the original games thought Holland was mistaken for Drake, but despite that, the film grossed a whopping $407 million at the worldwide box office, apparently paving the way for a sequel.

Uncharted 2 it will do? The manufacturer has spoken!


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Those who yearn for adventure Tom Holland and Wahlberg’s treasure hunting exploits have indeed received good news as a producer Charles Roven indicates that Sony is interested in developing a sequel unknown:

Oh yes! We really liked this movie. Fans really liked the movie, and people who didn’t know anything about the game really liked the movie. So we’re definitely going to do another one.

the final From unknown somewhat optimistically includes a couple of scenes that set up a potential sequel. After the film’s big action climax, in which the treasure sought is lost, it is revealed that Nathan Drake’s seemingly dead brother Sam is actually alive and in prison somewhere. As additional bait for the sequel, the end-credits scene introduces a villain named Gage (Pilou Asbeck), an associate of the game’s main antagonist named Gabriel Roman.

These clues point straight to what it could be Uncharted 2: Nate’s quest to find his brother Sam and a treasure hunt that turns into a race against Roman. The treasure that Nate and Sally (and Roman) are looking for will likely be the legendary lost city of Eldorado, following the plot of the original game. in which Roman was the main villain.

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