Unemployment, marches and more activities for the 25N, Day of Non-Violence against Women

Today November 25, the International Day of Non-Violence Against Women. The date was established in commemoration of the Mirabal sisters, assassinated in the Dominican Republic by the Rafael Trujillo regime in 1960. Although it was implemented more than three decades ago, it took on a special force in recent years with demands for policies that stop femicides and prevent gender-based violence. Tomorrow, after the pandemic and with the advance of vaccination, it is expected that there will be a significant number of protesters to join the different activities. Neuquén, Bariloche, Roca and the region will join the actions of the entire country.

Unemployment: The state union ATE announced a total strike, for 24 hours, in all municipal and provincial organizations. ATEN teachers will have permission to withdraw from school establishments to participate in the march, at 18.

Activities: Actresses Neuquén summons an artistic day, at 19, in Teneas (Leguizamon 1701). The Colectiva Feminista La Revuelta will make an intervention at 4:00 p.m. at the monument, called “We wash dirty rags in the streets.” Then they invite the closing of the mobilization in the intercultural space «Graciela Alonso» (the Roman arches).

The provincial undersecretary of Women summons at 8.30 to inaugurate a new mural in the Neuquén Radio and Television building (Santa Cruz 679). On Sunday 28, at 8.30, he organizes the family aerobic march “Life free of violence” in the Paseo de la Mujer, located in Primero de Enero and Los Patos in the Hibepa neighborhood. You have to register by email He also announced that a campaign will be launched in different media and social networks with the hashtag # 25N #TusDerechosSiemore and #VidaLibreDeViolencias. It is carried out in conjunction with Line 148 – Containment and support in violence, it will run until December 10 (Human Rights Day), in line with the 16 days of activism promoted by UN Women.

Data: The undersecretary reported that, in the province, according to data from the Observatory of Violence against Women (OVCM), in 2020 8,260 women requested assistance for situations of violence. 99.1% of the registered interventions report violence in the domestic sphere. In 86.4% of the cases the aggressor is a male.

Mumalá reported that his observatory detected that from January 1 to November 16, “they kill us” every 39 hours, there were 198 femicides, 258 attempts and 187 children were left without a mother.

March: it was called at 18, from the monument to San Martín. Some organizations invite you to join their columns from before, such as Libertas, who will be at 17 in Belgrano and Avenida Argentina, to march under the slogan “the debt is with us, an emergency already in violence.” The Plenary of Workers also summons the monument, but at 5 pm demanding “enough of violence and adjustment.”

Activities: Cinema debate as part of the “University in the neighborhood” project. “She searched for it”, the documentary about Ivana Rosales, will be screened on Saturday 27, at 6 pm, at the Faculty of Education Sciences.

March: the assembly “Not One Less Cipolletti” convenes at 19 today, in the Plaza de la Justicia. They announced that there will be an intervention of “Song without fear” in the Argentine Sign Language.

March: from 5.30 pm is the call, in the Plaza San Martín de Viedma.

March: the Campaign for the emergency in gender violence and the Combative Classist Current (CCC) convene at 18, in the Plaza San Martín. They demand that the Emergency be declared and that there be financial recognition for the promoters.

March: It will be at 18, from the Plaza San Martín. He also called the Campaign for the Emergency and announced that there will be an open radio.

March: the Campaign for the Emergency and the CCC convene at 5:30 p.m., from Onelli and May 25.

Exercise: Radio open, at 6.30 pm, in the Plaza de los Pañuelos (civic center).

Exercise: Mateada and intervention in the family square, at 6.30 pm.

March: the mobilization will start at 6 pm, from the corner of Avenida Roca and Tucumán.

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