unexpected character is actually Allan? New movie theory

They don’t stop fan theories about Barbie Greta Gerwig. A few days ago the main character Margot Robbie revealed the strangest rumor she’s ever heard, but a new hypothesis put forward by a Reddit user really risks rivaling the one the actress mentioned. The theory refers to the moment Barbie leaves her world to travel to ours, arriving in Mattel headquarterswhere he discovers to his surprise that all directors are men. But…is it really true?

According to this hypothesis, among the pompous executives running the Mattel business, there is at least one doll: it will be none other than Unnamed CEO, played by Will Ferrellsurreal and comical character, ironic about the contradictions of the brand. Barbie. For a Reddit user, the CEO will keep the secret: would actually be Allanleft Barbieland to start a new life in the real world.

Allan of course Ken’s best friend, played by Michael Cera: a real doll, put on the market in 1964, but abandoned two years later due to insufficient sales. A detail ironically noted in the film Greta Gerwigin which, unlike many Kens, there is only one Allan.

According to the user, there are many signs that could indicate that Allan is actually the CEO. First, Michael Cera’s character claims that all Allans they left barbie country because they haven’t found their place between the Barbies and the Kens. What’s more, Will Ferrell’s businessman seems to know the world of Barbieland from the inside: maybe he was there before? (Of course, this ability could also simply depend on the fact that he is a director of Mattel!).

Another interesting detail, according to Reddit theory, is the moment when the CEO try to climb over the wall while all of his subordinates chase Barbie around the office: later in the film, while helping Barbie recover, Allan does the same, struggling to climb over a simple fence. Like all Barbies and all Kens, they share the same personality traits, and even the Allans can have some things in common: like being friendly, a bit over the top and… completely unable to bypass the obstacle.

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