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Unexpected! Shakira celebrates 10 years of her endeavor but ends up being criticized for being false

COLOMBIA – Shakira is from Colombian singers that, for many years, has been reaping great success. Her musical career, in fact, made her go through more stages than any fan could keep track of, as it diversified as in other areas. Such is the case of his philanthropic facet, where he has helped different sectors and communities in Colombia, as well as his business facet, where he debuted with perfumes.

Precisely, it was about 10 years ago when the famous Colombian surprised the world with the launch of her perfumes. And it is that, being a registered brand and launched by herself, many were (and are), those who have declined, blindly, to buy one of these fragrances. Something that has kept the numbers very high for the interpreter of “Those of intuition”.

Regarding this, the most recent publication that Shakira has done, it is in honor of that triumphant decade that it has had with the creation and sale of its perfumes. On this, he has said the following: “It is very curious how most people begin to focus or begin to feel more attracted towards a specific type of fragrance. It is part of the mystery and of how intriguing the world of perfume is ”.

Likewise, Gerard Piqué’s wife also spoke about his connection with this world and confessed that: “In the fragrances themselves, I believe that they also try to describe those moments of which a person’s life is made up.” “In this case, they have been like a faithful reflection of reality, of what I am living in each stage of my life,” he added, thus initiating the invitation to discover more about it.

However, something else powerfully caught everyone’s attention. Despite how wonderful the interview of Shakira When talking about her 10 years as a businesswoman, several users categorically despised that she spoke with a totally Spanish accent. This generated great dissatisfaction among her fans, as they allege that each day has much less to do with her identity as a Colombian.

Such was the impact that the singer’s accent generated, that many began to say that, depending on the partner on duty, they then adapt their accent. This was clearly a criticism of his way of expressing himself when he was with Antonio de la Rúa (Argentina). Likewise, other users indicated that Shakira can speak any accent, except Barranquilla’s, taking her tune as a joke.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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