Unfortunately I did it again. Britney Spears is also divorcing Sam Asghari

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Britney Spears and Sam Asghari allow themselves secular statements. Both, in a post after the video, say they regret the end of their short marriage. But will it really end?

It is now clear that the rumors were true. Just over 14 months later, the wedding between Britney Spears AND Sam Asgari everything is over. An alliance that seems to have, at least for now, only one point of common ground: the social messages that the two exes continue to share. The important detail… is that their statements are almost identical. Both are very unhappy and regretful.

They’ve already made an agreement

The couple was born in 2017. Asghari played an important role in Britney Spears is to find the strength to end her legal conservatorship (managed by the pop star’s father), from which she officially vacated in 2021. It was this year that he asked her to marry him, and in June last year they crowned their dream of love. with a very intimate ceremony (in which he participated Madonna and other “VIP colleagues”, but not the 41-year-old’s children). It seems they signed a prenuptial agreement the day before the wedding…

She still doesn’t believe it!

“As everyone knows,” he states Britney Spears – Hesam and I are no longer together… 6 years is a long time to be with someone, so I’m a little shocked, but… I’m not here to explain why, because, frankly, it’s nobody does not concern!!! But honestly, I couldn’t stand the pain anymore!!!” “I’ve played the tough guy for too long,” she continues, “and my Instagram may seem perfect, but it’s far from reality, and I think we all know that!!! I wish I could show how I really feel by allowing myself to cry and emotion, but (for) some reason I always had to hide my weaknesses!!! If I had not been a strong soldier for my father, I would have been sent somewhere to be treated by doctors!!! But it was then that I needed a family most!!! You should be loved unconditionally…not under certain conditions!!! So I will be as strong as I can and do my best!!! And everything is fine with me!!! Anyway, have a nice day and don’t forget to smile!!!”

These things happen

Instead he comments Sam Asgari end of story with Britney Spears? In a somewhat terse manner, he first commented, “These things happen,” but then let go of his feelings some more. What also unites the former couple is that they have to run away from numerous paparazzi. This is what she says: “When you go to visit a so-called “friend” and spend an hour driving for chicken!!! Then you have to wait in the car and go to the bathroom… I knew the paparazzi were alerted because the car I was in had never been used before… so how did they follow me?? ?”. AsghariInstead, she started dressing up, even asking her followers for advice, asking what wigs were best to avoid being recognized. Does the story really end here? We’ll find out!

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