Unión Magdalena: the scandalous party in Colombia defined as “the settlement of the century”

A controversy broke out this Saturday in Colombia therefore with which the Union Magdalena went back on his visit to Llaneros for the last day of the semifinal home runs of the Promotion Tournament, he beat it by 1-2 and guaranteed his return to the First Division at the expense of Fortaleza, which fell 1-2 to Bogotá FC.

The Banana Cyclone, that just had equalized the game at 50 minutes of the second half in another controversial goal, he found the winning goal in a play in which his rivals, instead of scoring, they literally stood still and allowed the visiting attacker to enter the area without problems.

The defense, passive and unarmed, allowed the central Jonathan Segura He entered the area alone and defined comfortably despite the fact that he had two rivals at his side while the only one who seemed interested in stopping the attackers was the goalkeeper, Kevin Armesto.

Llaneros fans had no doubts about what happened and they fired their own players with bottles and insults.

With that goal, Unión Magdalena reached 11 points, one more than Fortaleza, which will remain in the second division for another year.

What was seen on the pitch was so grotesque that the Colombian Association of Professional Soccer Players (Acolfutpro) demanded that an investigation be carried out into the match. The newspaper Marca de España defined it as “the fixation of the century.” And the coach of Fortaleza, the team harmed by this result, he started to cry at the press conference after his match. “I feel robbed”, he assured.

But it did not stop there. The Dimayor (División Mayor del Fútbol Colombiano), the entity that governs the main categories of soccer in that country, issued a statement signed by its president, Fernando Jaramillo Giraldo.

“Before the official images of the match (…), I inform the public that I was transferred to the Disciplinary Committee of the Championship and the Disciplinary Commission of the Dimayor, for them to act according to its competence “.

The controversy, unleashed mainly on social networks, even reached international players such as Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, who expressed his outrage at what happened.

“From good to good, what lack of respect for that Union goal,” said the Juventus footballer.

Juan Pablo also spoke Indian Ramírez, former Atlético Nacional player who is currently playing for Bahia de Brasil, who stated: “Please don’t stain football like this … how sad our football is.”

With information from EFE

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