United Broadcasters – A year on, Mia Khalifa remembers the explosion in Beirut and demands justice

This explosion in Beirut it left more than 200 dead, more than 6 thousand wounded and more than 300 thousand displaced. To date, this fact remains unclear and there has been no accountability on the part of those responsible.

According to international media, two explosions caused one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history. 552 tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive material that had been stored in the port for nearly six years, were set on fire.

The incident sparked the ire of the Lebanese and massive protests ensued around the country. Survivors and relatives of the victims are calling for an independent investigation, which despite continued efforts by the justice system, has been blocked by the authorities.

“Beirut, my heart is always with you,” he wrote Mia Khalifa at that time and carried out different activities to raise money and help those affected by the accident.

They demand justice

“A year later, the scars from that devastating day are still visible,” says HRW’s Lama Fakih.

Thousands of netizens on social networks there is justice and clarify what happened, as well as punish the guilty.

For her part, Mia Khalifa shared on her social media: “A year and nothing has changed. Beirut will rise… someday.” His image was soon filled with emotional messages, as he was one of the celebrities who gave himself to the task of gathering financial aid for the families of the victims.

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