University, it’s time for orientation reform: now or never

Moreau wrote in unsuspecting times that “The university is in danger of degrading to the status of a machine that, after paying taxes and turning the exam knob, produces a beautiful and ready-to-use diploma.” Today, even more so, schools and universities struggle to explain the value and social responsibility of learning, to convey to us the awareness that what we learn is not only for us, but also for the growth of the common good.

The absence of this broad and open horizon of perspective makes it difficult for a young person to understand his secular calling.the right and beautiful way to develop your talents and serve others with competence and professional dignity.

Here the theme of orientation becomes relevant and central.. There School guidance reform promoted by Minister Valditara has the merit of emphasizing this topic with the introduction of 30 hours per year devoted to orientation and the figure of the teacher-tutor.

But what kind of guidance do students need today? Of course, this orientation is not only informative, but also, above all, educational, that is, it offers not only information, but also tools of insight useful for mature choices. But above all, orientation, which gives students the opportunity to leave the school walls and look into the world of profession, academic study, and the public sphere. A good orientation today should open horizons, compare them with social reality, and bring responsibility to the profession, whatever it may be.

This requires that the world of schools, universities, social partners and associations take part in the orientation topic with a common project. which are still places where ideas of social and civic ethics, business and the world of work can be taught in order to learn professionalism.

Along with all this, it is necessary that today orientation is not limited to the moment of exploration and choice, but concerns preparation for a future path of learning.. Choosing the desire to become a doctor, professor, lawyer cannot end in an unrealistic act, but presupposes the beginning of a path of education, in-depth study and preparation, which the educational institution is called upon to accompany. If we truly want every career path to be open and accessible to everyone, we can’t help but question, for example, fee-based access test pathways that create profound disparities from the start.

Orientation is an opportunity to make today’s teaching a true instrument of redemption., investment in life, the path of justice and the hallway of democracy for our society. An opportunity not to be missed.

Allegra Tonnarini – student at Meritare l’Europa

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