Univision’s Skinny Lili Estefan Has a Hard Time Believing Meghan Markle

Lili Estefan.

When the Dukes of Sussex announced their departure from the royal family and that they were also moving to another country and choosing the United States as their final destination, they assured that one of the main reasons for doing so was to be able to live away from the siege of the media and the press sensationalist. It was leaving behind the harassment of the paparazzi and the yellow public.

For all this is that now Lili Estefan has a hard time believing in Meghan Markle’s statements, especially after the interview she conducted with Oprah Winfrey, plus the strong statements she has made about the British royal family. Where the issue of racism has generated total chaos and possibly has further distanced Prince Harry from his older brother, William, and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Lili also highlighted, in conversation with Karina Banda and Raúl de Molina in El Gordo y la Flaca, that she considers that “dirty clothes are washed at home”. Hinting that the revelations that Meghan Markle will make should have stayed inside the palace walls. Especially since now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in the eye of the hurricane and have all the press interested in them. The couple has lost, after the interview with Oprah, their total anonymity. Today Meghan and Harry are news and scandal.