Unveiled the mysterious project of Cole Sprouse after ‘Riverdale’


“The environment and the location is a character just as important as the protagonist”, he has told Cole Sprouse in an interview to Rolling Stone. “We wanted that Squall was a character more in this work for the radio”, it has been reported the actor who also acts a producer on the project.

Sprouse plays Sam Walker, a boy who moves to Drisking, Missouri with his family when a child. After becoming a friend of their neighbors Kyle and Kimber, Walker visit a strange tree house in a forest that is rooted in local traditions: before you enter, you need to carve your name in the tree or you run the risk of disappearing. After Whitney, the sister of Sam’s, goes away along with other people, Sam and his friends try to find out what is really going on in your town.

Rebecca Klingel he wrote the original story of ‘Storm’ in 2015 as a novel I published in the thread on Reddit No Sleep. The story quickly became viral and caught the attention of director Mike Flanagal that, do guess what? signed Klingel as a scriptwriter for ‘The curse of Hill House’ Netflix.

‘Storm’ was initially a short story of about 22,000 words, but it has been rewritten to suit the format of 8 episodes of a podcast. Here you have the trailer.

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