Upcoming releases: the most anticipated horror films of 2024

Beetlejuice 2 movie 2024

Rumors about the appearance of new films in cinemas always arouse curiosity and considerable enthusiasm. In fact, the success achieved by films releasing in 2023 is fueling the search for more information among horror and fantasy movie fans who want to know some details about the plots, actors and synopsis in advance. The upcoming film releases are generating a lot of anticipation and quite a bit of excitement after the excellent results received last year. For this reason, horror movie fans can’t wait to find out what the next movies will be hitting theaters around the world. Fans are already gearing up for the next releases, and based on the information available online, as well as news shared by directors and producers, the first lists of horror movies to watch in 2024 can be compiled. What new features are coming and what can we expect from the upcoming ones? movies? movie releases? To answer this question, we’ve selected a few films that promise to be more interesting, original and scary than the films released in 2023. Daily rumors pique curiosity and in this article, we will find out which are the most anticipated horror movies of 2024 that are worth watching. to the cinema.

Why are horror films loved and enjoyed considerable success in cinemas?

The passion for the genre goes back to the core elements that characterize the films, the settings and characters of the scariest stories. This phenomenon is fueled by people’s innate curiosity about events and stories that have no obvious logical explanation. Horror films provide different sensations and can make viewers more interested in the unknown through exciting and exciting plots. It is no coincidence that fear is a primal emotion that is deeply rooted in all people, as is clearly demonstrated by the curiosity that is also aroused by crime news. Cinema has exploited this predisposition to stimulate unconscious responses and offer alternative themes. Horror images are also one of the main sources of inspiration for theme parties and special occasions such as Halloween. Costumes that recreate the atmosphere of the scariest and most frightening films are always very popular, and for this reason they are chosen by people who want to stand out with an outfit that can evoke the same sensations as in the movies. A design that is destined to achieve significant success is without a doubt the Bettlejuice inspired dress. According to numerous rumors, the sequel to the cult film that was released 35 years ago will be one of the top horror films to watch in 2024. If you love the setting and aesthetics of this movie, don’t miss out on the best Halloween costumes that will help you recreate that terrifying, spooky, and frightening atmosphere.

What horror movies are worth watching in 2024?

Judging by the news that has emerged in recent months, the coming year promises to be full of scary and impressive surprises. This valuable information helps us gain insight into the films arriving in theaters. In fact, many directors have released information about projects and new films that will make the next year memorable, amazing and scary. Here’s a short list of the most anticipated horror films in theaters in 2024:

  • Beetlejuice 2
  • Alien: Romulus
  • Night swimming
  • A Quiet Place: Day One
  • Observers
  • Return to Silent Hill
  • Horroroscope

Let’s now take a closer look at what surprises await us in cinemas next year.

Actors, actors, directors and release dates for horror films 2024

Beetlejuice 2 is one of the most anticipated titles of next year among movie fans eager to enjoy Tim Burton’s latest work. The sequel to the era-defining film boasts an exceptional cast that includes Michael Keaton, Jenna Ortega, Winona Ryder, Willem Dafoe and Monica Bellucci. Fans will have to wait until August 16 to find out what surprises are in store for the new story featuring the main characters from the prequel. 2024 will also see the return to cinemas of Alien, created by the brilliant mind of Ridley Scott. Alien: Romulus is the new title for a saga that revolutionized the way horror and science fiction films are viewed. Director Fede Alvarez has maintained a certain amount of confidentiality regarding the plot and for this reason we cannot provide you with further information regarding this matter. Night Voyage, directed by Bryce McGuire, will be released in January and will be the first horror film to be seen in cinemas, starring Wyatt Russell and Oscar winner Kerry Condon. However, A Quiet Place: Day One is scheduled for release in March 2024, representing the third chapter of one of the horror genre’s most gripping and compelling sagas. The Watcher marks the directorial debut of Ishana Shyamalan, who takes up the mantle from her father Michael Night Shyamalan with a story of chases and escapes from the mysterious creatures of the Irish forest. The top horror films of 2024 also include Return to Silent Hill, which will be released in April and will change the path of the previous series, which received much criticism. Expected to hit theaters in June, Horoscope is a film based on Nicholas Adam’s novel of the same name that will take viewers through a tale of teen terror with a group of kids who must face dangerous situations after reading a horoscope.


Finding information about upcoming horror movies that will be released in theaters in 2024 is a fun and challenging experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to comment on the release of new films, find out which films are the most anticipated and which directors or actors are involved in the next films. If you’re looking for ideas for your next Halloween, you can also visit our costume section for inspiration and pick the scariest and most memorable one.

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