Update iOS 13.4 is Ready to run, Here are the Features


Apple Rumored to have been published iOS 13.4 version GM. It means that no user more Apple to try its final version. iOS 13.4 brings a lot of security fixes and also some new features?

First there are nine be memoji and animoji the latest, as well as emoticons surprised face , the liver and the eyes.

Second, You can membagiakan folder iCloud Drive the application Files. Apple To control access, who access to the folder in share. And also by iOS-13.4, the user, the application package for all can buy Platform Apple.

Apple also features CarPlay now the user can use Navigation app Third in Dashboard.

Last, Apple also a reminder function, the position will be integrated Shahzam on Links. Design Toolbars also located on the application E-Mail will also be returned.

For users who are interested in upgrade this, which the user simply open Settings on the device Apple You Guys. And then locate the sub General search Software Update.