UPDATE NOW! Elite Pass Free Fire Wasteland Survivor Season 22, Skin Of The Character Is Epic


TRIBUNBATAM.id – Updates Now! Elite-Pass-Fire-Free Wasteland Survivor sSeason The 22nd Of March 2020.

Youtubers Free game fire, Rendy Rengers mention of it in the channel youtubenya, if all the contents of the gift-elite-pass-epic and GG.

The elite-pass-fire is, as usual, with the 500-diamond or 999 diamonds.

• Elite Pass Leaked-Free Fire-Season 22, Emote Latest Bundle Skin Unique Character

The theme of the elite-pass-fire-Free-no later than the determinant of each item obtained from gift elite pass

Elite-season-Pass 22 fire, this time with the theme of radioactive paired with the motif of the skull.

According to the leaked elite pass season 22 fire-Free until March 2020, quoted from the youtube channel Rendy Rangers, Thursday (27/2/2020):

The clothing of the female characters in season 22 fire Free
The clothing of the female characters in season 22 fire (youtube/Rendy Rangers)

The first prize of 22 fire received from the elite season pass, the clothing for female characters.

This dress is green colored, patterned skull.

In addition to the banner is colored yellow with the avatar of the skull.

Skin weapon CG15 season 22 fire Free
Skin weapon CG15 season 22 fire (youtube/Rendy Rangers)

In addition, it was a gift from the elite-pass-fire-Free-the latest skin CG15.