Update-Windows 10 Even Headaches To Its Users



REDMOND – Update of Windows 10 makes it a headache of its users. A number of users say that the latest update leads to the appearance of “Blue Screen of Death” and Restart all of a sudden.

Page Giz China report, the monthly update of Windows 10 provides a real problem for some people. The “Blue Screen of Death” belongs to is known, to climb, problems and decreased performance. In addition, install the Windows update is not a process that is transparent for all.

Many Windows users accuse, update March KB4540673 as the source of many errors. You have been reported Restart suddenly, the system crashand a blue screen. “The March update automatically on my device the error, blue screen caused by installed on the PC gaming and laptop my (earlier) work,” said a user.

Although it is only a small fraction of the users seems to be affected, the number of adverse experience reports continue to increase. Microsoft has previously confirmed serious problems with the update KB4535996 in Windows 10. Through the technical support they promised to issue patch In mid-March, with the corresponding changes.

On the other hand, this is not the case, which is similar to the first, such as Microsoft. Last December to send the company to, all of the user-window a 10 update KB4532441 a system has caused errors. The American giant was aware of his error, and then delete them and apologize.

In February, Microsoft announced it has decided to stop with the security update KB4524244 for Windows 10. The step was taken after some users reported problems due to the installation.

It should be mentioned that recently, Microsoft patches emergency Win10 to fix the dangerous error SMBV3 published. Windows 10, 1903, and in 1909 began to receive emergency updates via Win Update in the last couple of hours.

The fillings KB4551762 and brings the build number to 18362.720 and 18363.730 respectively. Remember, in contrast to the version of Windows 10, 1909, the cumulative update is, in principle, that is a big one in 1903 with the same file and the same function, and then updated by the fillings of the same.