Updated, a mode “Hardcore” – Back to the PUBG Mobile


KOMPAS.com – PUBG Mobile back update get (update) weekly routine. To version 0.17.0 updated, Tencent to bring back the mode “Hardcore”, where the player feel the level of difficulty of the game may be higher than usual.

In the outline, in hardcore mode, the player is required to play in the “manual”, milai of the open door loot item it is.

To eliminate Tencent also has a variety of features that help in the rule to the player, such as the sound of the enemy’s approach side steps, directions of origin of the shot ball and the notification of the vehicle.

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Players feel challenged, can mode, on this mode over the Arcade. Earlier, Hardcore mode was due to an update that Tencent took place in the year 2018, then.

Tencent also some of the latest features, the relief of the players presented in the action on the field of battle. “Death Replay”, for example, this function is able to show, a reenactment of the events to the players, before they were defeated.

In other words, you can see the players point of view, from the perspective of the enemy, hit as he tries to the player.

Then there is the “Universal character”, a brand that can be placed on the Delivery, the vehicle, Death Box, and in one place. The aim is to simplify the process of team work.

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Players can also take the mode of “color-blind”, which is now in the “settings” menu To activate the mode, the player can change the color of indicators, such as color smoke bombs.

Through this update, Tencent also release a new weapon shotgun called DBS. Be aware, this weapon is very powerful for close combat. DBS 14 balls can hold and fire two bullets at once.

Tencent also offers a price of 50 silver, 2.888 BP and anniversary pan skin lasted three days for the players, the update to the latest version before the 6. March 2020.

To be able to a number of rewards at the top, the player PUBG Mobile download update Size of 1.69 GB for Android and 1.95 GB on iOS, as compiled KompasTekno from GameSpot, Friday (6/3/2020).