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With fewer restrictions than the last edition, it was time for ‘Conectrap 3. New Music Festival’. The festival of urban rhythms this time will bring together 12 singers and bands who, in total, will offer five hours of show on the Mamadera stage.

San Juan’s proposal addresses different genres such as trap, rap, boomtrap, reggaetón, RKT, dembow, punk rock and funk, and that is why they aim to summon audiences of all those aspects.

The festival was born in 2019 and in September of this year it had its second edition in bar format due to health protocols, now, you can enjoy greater freedom of movement, according to its organizers.

‘The idea is to unite artists from the urban genre and from others, from the province and from Buenos Aires, in the first editions we brought two well-known national artists and now in the third, they are provincial artists and less from the Capital who have their trajectory but they are not very recognized, the idea is this and tell the public to try to go, because we do not have this type of events and we try to get people to go and see other types of genres, it is a festival of varied music ‘explained the founder of the event, San Juan singer John Bless, an enthusiast of urban genres, who on this occasion, he said, will offer a trap show, with his own songs. “I like to encourage people with the trap, and he will also do some reggaeton songs,” said John, who produces his own tracks with a computer, although he also plays in a band format.

At the previous festival, two trap pioneers, Mike Southside and Negro Santo, as well as several artists from Mendoza and Córdoba, joined as stellar numbers. This time, they decided to bet on the local musicians. ‘We saw that a national artist did not contribute much and it was a separate budget, with which we reduced the money of local artists, so we decided in all upcoming editions, not to pay that and pay more to the San Juan people. So we decided to do it this way. ‘

Looking to expand the meeting, is that they have thinking that the festival can be held every month.

They are preparing the fourth edition for January, but they want to make it monthly. “People are leaving, we are committed to streamlining events and changing artists,” said Bless, who highlighted that San Juan is an interesting production of urban music, even more than other provinces in the interior. ‘There are many artists here, many very good and who do not have enough support to create the productions that are needed, so we encourage them to send us their material and if we see that it is good we include them in the festival. There are many in San Juan, I would believe that more than Córdoba and Mendoza, in the genre of trap and rap, there are many very good people from San Juan and at the height of other cities, ‘said Bless, who named as other spaces where the genre is deployed Andean Animal Festival (which has its end date on December 18 in Punta Tabasco) and the Fun Fest organized by the government, but “both are held once a year, we want to be more active,” he closed.

Conectrap 3 will be tomorrow at Mamadera Bar (Lat. De Circunvalación before Paula A. de Sarmiento) from 9:00 p.m., with tickets at $ 400 (on sale at Groove Store and through the MD at @conec_trap)

The grid

Among the most prominent names in the ‘line up’ are local artists, with a career in urban rhythms, such as some guests from Mendoza: Young Flay, John Bless, Canal 46, El Kani, Urio-Santa RS, Ranking Solo, Alexys Blake , Tokio Gang, Bomba Kill, The drugs, Eight, Cech FT L-Flow, Benjja

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