Uruguay’s first sea lion case of bird flu confirmed; appears to have died on beach in Cerro

Ministry of Livestock and Aquaculture (MGAP) confirmed on Tuesday First case of sea lion infected with bird flu He appears to have died on Cerro Beach in recent days.

In recent days, the ministry has urged people not to come into contact with the animals after Argentina recorded the deaths of dozens of bird flu samples.

“People and their pets should avoid approach and contact with dead animals,” National Aquatic Resources Director Jamie Coronel recently tweeted. He also asked that vehicles be avoided driving through the area around the animal in case it is found dead on the shore.

With the confirmed case in Uruguay, it is the first time a virus variant with these characteristics has been found in the country. Due to the presence of sea lions in large numbers, this issue has attracted attention, so the portfolio authority has analyzed the issue.

In recent days, the government has lifted the bird flu health emergency declared in February this year.

The ministry issued a statement noting that the test confirmed “the mutation of the disease and its presence in Uruguayan mammals.”

He noted that the animal was found on Thursday, August 31, and “symptoms were consistent and under control until September 2, when all appropriate swab tests were performed.”

“#MGAP reminds and strongly recommends avoiding direct contact of people and pets with live or dead sea lion specimens, upon discovery of specimens of these species, with or without corresponding symptoms or death, please notify 👉infodinara@mgap.gub.uy”, also affirmed the ministry’s statement.

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