US-produced documentaries in 2023: top 8

If you love documentaries, stories based on true events and people from both the past and present, then you can’t miss this list of documentaries filmed in the USA in 2023.
There’s something for every taste, from stories about pop culture characters to ones that make you think about social and current issues.

8 documentaries filmed in the USA that will complement your watch list

1. Pamela, A Love Story

About 27 years ago sex tape Pamela Anderson AND Tommy Lee it was stolen and distributed on the Internet. Now Anderson is ready to set the record straight. The actress and model talks about the infamous film and how it affected her career, personal life and media image.
Unlike the recent series dedicated to the couple, Pam and TommyThe documentary has been hailed as an accurate portrayal of Pamela Anderson’s life, backed by exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage. There is reportedly no pretense, no dramatized events or heavily edited scenes: just Anderson, his two sons, a bunch of home recordings, and the truth about the story we thought we knew.

2. Stolen Youth: Inside the Cult of Sarah Lawrence

This list of documentaries filmed in the United States in 2023 has a compelling story. The three-episode documentary recounts the heartbreaking events triggered by Larry Raywho sexually and psychologically abused New York City college students, as well as other young people he recruited into his manipulative circle.
The nightmare began when Ray moved into his daughter Talia’s dorm after his release from prison (for the first time) in 2010. He began by posing as a father and mentor to his daughter’s friends, but quickly turned into their manipulator and tormentor for the next 10 years. The documentary was produced using first-hand accounts and footage of Ray himself and survivors.

3. Frame: Michael J. Fox film

It is certainly one of the most popular documentaries produced in the United States. Actor Michael J. Fox he was 29 years old and at the peak of his career when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The disease threatened to derail his booming career, so instead of sharing the news with the world, he hid his symptoms for years. Michael J. Fox speaks honestly, forcefully and clearly about his career, his illness and his activism. From a rocky road in the film industry to a glamorous life in Hollywood and immortality thanks to the roles of Marty McFly in the trilogy Back to the Future and Alex P. Keaton in the sitcom Family bondsthe actor tells his story in a riveting montage of interviews, home movies, reenactments and career highlights.

4. King Coal

The Central Appalachians are a place of mountains and myth. Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon she knows this well, since she was born in these mountains. Coal has had a profound impact on the identity of this community, but Sheldon tries to imagine what life might be like outside the shadow of coal now that relationships with it are changing. It takes us on a fascinating cinematic journey through the past, present and future of Appalachia.
The Oscar-nominated filmmaker redefines the boundaries of documentary filmmaking in a deeply moving dive into central Appalachia, where coal is not just a resource but a way of life, imagining how the community could reinvent itself.

5. Food and country

Food Writer Ruth Reichl worries about the fate of small farmers, ranchers and chefs who, in the wake of the pandemic, are risking everything to survive on the front lines. The film, one of the most hotly anticipated documentaries produced in the US, reveals how America’s decades-long policy of producing cheap food at any cost is hindering suppliers who strive to remain independent. As Reichl witnesses and follows fearless characters through difficult circumstances, he takes stock of the journey, and through his eyes we learn to understand the humanity and struggle behind the food we eat.

6. Project 1619

Presented by a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicole Hannah Jones and from New York Times MagazineThis six-part documentary explores the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans to the forefront of U.S. history.
Project 1619 this is one of the documentaries produced in the USA in 2023 that gives us some important information about the history of black people in America, and it is not just a complete documentation of history. In fact, the episodic format gives each chapter a theme title, allowing it to focus on a wide variety of issues, stopping at each one from time to time for clarity and exploration, with a number of parallels between the stories. blacks and current events. Whether it’s juxtaposing the origins of gynecology with the ongoing medical racism affecting black mothers, or comparing cotton harvest data to Amazon’s warehouse protocols, Project 1619 adheres to the principle that the consequences of black history influence the culture of all Americans.

7. Longest third date

The documentary is a first-hand account of the couple. Matt Robertson AND Hani Lewho met on the dating app Hinge and spontaneously decided to fly to Costa Rica for a third date. The only problem? Their flight from New York departed on March 17, 2020.

Matt and Honey hardly knew each other, and due to quarantine COVID-19They ended up living together for almost three months in Costa Rica. And since Matt was a vlog creator for his YouTube channel, the entire experience was captured on film. As we learn at the end of the documentary, Matt and Honey are still together and have been dating for three years.

8. Bill Russell: Legend

NBA legend and civil rights activist Bill Russell has published one of the best documentaries produced in the USA in 2023, which chronicles his life’s battles and his journey to the position he is in today. Although he is widely known for his accomplishments in basketball, Russell also dedicated much of his life to speaking out against black injustice, and this documentary primarily highlights his importance as a civil rights icon. The documentary is divided into two parts and details the racism he faced even while winning championships. Bill Russell: Legend It clocks in at nearly 200 minutes in total, and while that may seem like a lot, it’s never really enough for someone as “big” as Bill Russell.

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