US recommends more sampling for bird flu – breaking news

USDA technicians highlighted the operations of Paraguay’s Livestock Production Laboratory but recommended that its capacity to detect avian influenza types should be expanded in addition to greater private sector involvement. For its part, the government will maintain a state of health emergency due to ongoing risks in the area.

The experts visited the laboratories of the National Service of Animal Health and Quality, chicken farms and egg-laying poultry farms, as well as the Chaco region, where five foci of avian influenza were found in domestic animals. Although the epidemic has had little impact on the country, expert Fred Soltero believes that we must be prepared for the risk of a large-scale production outbreak concentrated in the central sector. “The levels of response are different and complex and require more preparation, more lab capacity, which is great, the labs you have are incredible and what we have to try is to help other industries, private sector services can be integrated, Then it’s not just the government that needs to respond,” he said.

Regarding the contribution of businessmen, he said that taking into account the American experience there is strong business support and this can be implemented through taxes or other mechanisms proposed by the ministry itself.

Regarding the laboratory tasks, he said further development is needed to sequence the virus and understand the exact type of avian influenza, given the presence of multiple mutations.

Meat Authorization. In turn, Melody Maxwell from the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service reiterated that the United States will continue to analyze comments made at public hearings on the intention to authorize Paraguayan meat. He explained that we watch every comment and respond on a case-by-case basis. He did not specify when he would expect a final response.

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