US referee awards three penalties to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nasr

Al Nassr gets second win of the season After defeating Al-Shabaab 4-0 Thanks to the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored two goals from eleven steps.

However, American whistler Ismail Elfas After scoring three penalties, he became one of the great protagonists of the match Support the team where the former Real Madrid player plays.

At 13 minutes, Ronaldo was knocked down in the penalty area and Elfat took the penalty kick without hesitation, Cristiano performed well. In the 38th minute, the American whistle pushed the Portuguese to get another maximum penalty. Ronaldo scored his second goal of the duel.

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It’s already the second half, Elfas scored his third penalty for Cristiano’s club. This time, the former Manchester United man passed the ball to his team-mate Al Ghalib, who fired his shot against the post.

CONCACAF Coffee Association attends Arabian party

The Saudi league continues to use money to lure referees in North America and the Caribbean. Mexican Cesar Arturo Ramos, Salvadoran Ivan Barton and now American Ismael Elfat were all invited.

The next CONCACAF referee to be able to watch a match in the Saudi Arabian Premier League is Guatemalan Mario Escobarwho will do justice in the next round of the Arab League.

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