US tennis legend Venus Williams’ ‘terrible feeling’ discussed at length as Serena Williams’ dominance becomes apparent

We have witnessed many great rivalries in tennis over the years. Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert vs. Rafael Nadal Roger Federer, these matchups really fascinate fans. Among them was the fierce rivalry between Serena Williams and Venus Williams. The two have a close relationship off the court and give it their all in terms of professional commitments. Recently, when Venus faced her sister on the court, she revealed something that really annoyed her.

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While Serena ended her tennis career last year, Venus is still active on the tour, albeit not very much. Here’s what former world number one Venus had to say when she faced Serena.

Venus Williams Reveals Terrible Feelings When Faced with Serena Williams


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The two American legends have faced each other on the tennis court many times in some big tournaments. Their battles often go down to the last minute, and fans thoroughly enjoy and look forward to their showdowns. However, Venus has recently revealed a lot about a frustrating feeling when it comes to playing her younger sister.

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Talking about this matter, Venus said: “She’s the only person in the world that I’ve walked onto the court and not been sure I could win – and that’s a horrible feeling as a competitor.”

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Venus and Serena have faced each other 31 times. The younger sister dominated the competition, racking up 19 wins, while Venus defeated Serena in 12. Meanwhile, Jin Xing’s comments drew mixed reactions from fans.

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What did fans say about Venus’ horrible feeling when she faced Serena?

As the post of Venus’ quote went viral on Twitter, fans from around the world had interesting reactions to it. One fan said, “Selena feels the same way. She knows that even if her sister is close, there is nothing she can do. It’s also a scary feeling.”

Another Twitter user disagreed with Venus’ comments, saying: “Where did she say that? And she’s still been defeated more times than anyone else.”


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Another fan mocked Venus’ statement, writing: “Gull is like that every time he comes on the court now.”


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The last time Venus Williams participated was the U.S. Open, but she lost in the first round. As she gets older, her career is coming to an end. However, it remains to be seen whether she will have the last laugh before her illustrious career comes to an end.

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