US writers’ strike delays The Rock’s return to WWE

US writers’ strike delays The Rock’s return to WWE

Name Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson known throughout the world as one of the biggest and most powerful stars ever in the professional wrestling industry. He also became year after year hollywood megastarsand continues to reap success after success. At the same time, despite multiple conclusions on one of his insertion into Bloodline events This possible match against Roman Reignsit seems possible not returning to WWE anytime soon. And the reason is writers’ strike takes place in the United States.

Strike writers under contract with ‘SAG-AFTRA’ this is one of Hollywood’s most pressing problems Right now. Company members are currently on strike v. Film and Television Producers Alliance For low salaries And lack of rights. And it could have influence also on the future of The Rock in wrestling and WWE.

The one who decided to frame the problem during his talk for the Cheap Heat podcast was Brian Gewirtz, former WWE writer and senior vice president of development for Seven Bucks Productions. Well, Gewirtz stated that he believed that that would be a bad move for a major actor like Rock take part in the entertainment program Bye others in the industry are on strike and fight for your rights. Therefore, his return to WWE could until it materializes.

Because now the return of The Rock to WWE would be wrong.

For eminent actors such as The Rock, John Cena, Batista It would be large image damage appear in entertainment while the union battle goes on and people are not paid and go on strike“, – said Gevirts.

However, a former WWE employee said he was confident that but sooner or later there will be a return. “I would be shocked if the rock appeared nowwhile the strike is going on. But I would equally, if not more Gewirtz said –if the rock never appeared in a WWE ring again and at one point did not appear in the storyline. But first his return must be carefully crafted, discussed and thought through“.

We’ll have to wait and see when The Great returns to WWE TV. For they have passed nearly four years since his last WWE appearance Rock.

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