Use Google Classroom to Learn at home For Free, Here’s How!


TRIBUNNEWS.COM Pandemic Covid-19 widely used to teaching this and learning activities in the school were closed.

Students and teachers, a system of teaching and learning online/online, one of them through Google Classroom can use.

Reporting of dummies.comgoogle classroom is an application that allows the teacher to manage the creation of online classes in which future teachers can all the required documents by the students.

The documents can be saved in Google Drive and edit it using the application on the drive, including Google Docs, spreadsheets, and so on.

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However, Google Classroom compared to Google Drive is the interface of the teacher/student developed Google for the way teachers and students think and work.

The following four functions that can be obtained when using a Google apps classroom:

1. You create a task

The most important thing that the teachers in Google Classroom create a task or homework to the students.

When creating tasks, the teacher upload documents that are required to be read or edited by the students.

The students will receive a notification via E-Mail about the new task by the teacher.